Can I Edit My Application?

In case you discover an error in your application after submitting it, follow these steps to correct and resubmit it:

  1. Retrieve the auto-confirmation email you received upon submitting your initial application. This email includes a copy of your submitted details. Use this to easily copy and paste the accurate information, saving time in the process.
  2. Visit our website again and initiate a new application form.
  3. Transfer the information from the confirmation email into the new application form, either by copying and pasting or retyping. Ensure that your application is as detailed, if not more so, than your first attempt. Incomplete or insufficiently detailed applications will be rejected during the curation process.
  4. Make sure to amend any errors or add any missing information that was present in your original application.
  5. Submit the revised application.
  6. Discard the original confirmation email. After submitting your new application, you will receive a fresh confirmation email with a new application number. Retain this new number, as the original application will be replaced by the new submission.
  7. Regarding photos, if you have already uploaded them during your first application, there is no need to re-upload unless they were incorrect. The photos from your first submission will be linked to your new application. Only the application confirmation number will change.