Booth and Table Info

BOOTH SIZE: 10′ wide by 8′ deep.

BOOTH DRAPE: In order to keep costs low for exhibitors we have opted not to fully pipe and drape this show as doing so would significantly increased the booth fee.

The perimeter spaces will have an actual wall behind them (or window if at the front of the room), the sides will be marked so you know where the boundaries of your booth are, but there will not be side drape.
In the middle of the room the aisles will have white drape at the back to ensure all booths have a clean separation from booths behind them but no side wall drape.

TABLES: One 6 foot table IS included in the booth fee. Additional tables are available to rent but must be pre-booked as they are not available onsite, we must order them ahead of time. The cost is $20 per table. Tables are 6′ x 2.51′. (72 inches x 30 inches) and standard table height of 29″. You may rent or bring more than one table, but do remember that everything inside your space must fit and not extend past your 10 x 8 space.