Wait List

PLEASE NOTE: This is a curated show. ONLY HANDMADE items will be permitted. Absolutely no MLM, vintage, or direct sales companies or resale items are permitted.

  • A completed form and photos must be received to join the wait list.
  • PAYMENT INFO: A deposit is not required to join the wait list, however should space become available for you and you accept the space, then full payment would be due.

This is an application for the WAIT LIST for the show. You will be contacted only if suitable space becomes available that we can offer you. Please be aware that this is a CURATED show. We limit the number of makers per category so even if we have a space available, not all categories will be open and eligible to fill that space.

Wait List Application

Why do we ask this? If you have a registered business name, we are obligated to issue your invoice under that business name. If you don't have a registered business name, the invoice will be issued in your personal name. We can still use an unregistered name to identify you on social media, we just can not issue an invoice under that name.

Do You Have a Business Partner?

EMAIL: We use email to confirm your form submission, and all further communications will be through email. Please ensure you provide an accurate email address capable of receiving our messages. Hotmail addresses are often problematic and may not reliably receive our emails. To ensure message delivery, it's advisable to avoid using a Hotmail address.

SOCIAL MEDIA:  If you use Social Media, please provide the links to your Social Media accounts so we can include you in our Social Media marketing.  WARNING:  If you do not provide accurate account information we will not link to or promote your social media accounts. It is not always easy to find the correct account without the exact link therefore if you wish to be included it is vital you take the time to provide the information we need.

ABOUT YOU:  Tell us more about why you create your art/craft, how you got started, what motivates your creative efforts. Please do not try and write advertising copy here.

What do you make? Provide a detailed description of  the type of handmade items you wish to display at the show. Be sure to describe all types of goods you wish to bring to the show. Please do not try and write advertising copy here. Just outline what you make.

Category? Determine the main focus of your art or craft using the list provided below. You can also choose a secondary category if applicable. To confirm the appropriate top-level category for your work, please visit the category page linked here. (opens in new window)

BOOTH SHARING: Shared spaces are permitted only when both participants have applied and been accepted to the show individually. Only two exhibitors/artists may apply to share a single space. There is an additional $30 ($15 each exhibitor) fee for shared spaces. In the case of a shared space we will invoice each exhibitor for one half the cost of the space. Space is not confirmed for either exhibitor until the full booth fee has been paid. Please read complete details here.

Enter the name of the exhibitor you wish to share a booth with below.

BOOTH DETAILS: All booths are 10'  x 8'. Booth fee is $270 all incl. Space includes 1 table and 2 chairs. Additional tables are available to rent if needed. Please read Section B: Booth Details of the Vendor (Artisan) Agreement, Show Rules and Waiver. for complete details of what is included.

Booth Options:  We can not guarantee you will be offered the space type you prefer, but we do our best to accommodate everyone fairly.

ONE 6' table is automatically included in each space. Additional 6' tables are available to rent if required. Please indicate below how many additional 6' tables you would like to rent. ($20 each).

PLEASE NOTE: Only indicate you need electricity if it is vital to your booth set up so we can prioritize electricity for those who need it. Not all spaces have electricity available so if you actually require it this will limit where you can be placed in the showroom.

COMMENTS:  Requests or comments may be entered below.  Please note participants may not select their booth space beyond the request for a type of space (i.e. Perimeter, Corner, Center, etc). Layout and placement will be determined by the organizers. You can request to be near another exhibitor. We will always do our best to accommodate your needs when possible.  

PHOTOS: Photos are required with your application. After you submit this form you will be directed to our DropBox account to upload photos.  Please upload a minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 photos, (including 1 or 2 booth /table set up shots) showing the type of handmade items you will be displaying at the sale.  Your confirmation email will provide a link to the DropBox folder and instruction on how to proceed to complete your application. If you do not have a booth/display photo click here.

NEXT STEP: Photos of your work are required and if not received, your application will not be considered.  You will receive a copy of this form after successful submission. It is important you make sure you can receive our email as this is how we will be communicating vital show information with you.  Please check your spam/junk folder if you do not receive the confirmation email within 1 hour after submission.