How Do I Submit Application Photos?

After submitting your application form, you will be directed to a page with a link to our Dropbox account. Simply click on this link to upload your photos, adhering to the instructions provided below. Additionally, this link will be automatically emailed to you upon application submission. If you happen to close your browser before uploading your photos, you can retrieve the link from the confirmation email. It is crucial to follow these instructions accurately, as failure to do so may result in your application being incomplete.

  1. Follow the link to Dropbox provided in your confirmation email. Photos must be uploaded to our Dropbox account, we can not accept application photos via email, messenger or social media messages.
  2. Upload a MINIMUM of 5 and a MAXIMUM of 10 good quality product photos representative of the type of handmade items you wish to display at the show.
  3. Additionally upload 1 or 2 booth/table/display/set up photos. This does not need to be the exact display you will use at the show, but must be representative of your understanding of the importance of a good workable display suitable for your items. A display photo is required so if you do not have a display photo click here for instructions on how to proceed.
  4. Upload photos in JPG or PNG format only. Please do not upload folders, PDF, Word or or other file types. 
  5. The name entered on your application must be used for your photos. This is the exact name that must be entered in the name field when you upload the photos on Dropbox, NOT your business name. If someone else is uploading images for you make sure they do not enter their own name, or your images will not be connected to your application and will therefore be incomplete.
  6. If someone is assisting you to upload your photos ask them to follow these instructions carefully.
  7. Important: Please send the best images you have that represent your items well. If we do not have quality images we can not promote your products or accept you to the show.
  8. Photos should be uploaded to DropBox at the link you have been provided in the confirmation email.