Can I share a Booth?

Booth sharing will be permitted for the 2024 show however shared spaces must be carefully considered regarding layout to ensure each maker can display their goods comfortably, access their space appropriately, not overflow into the aisle, and cause no infringement upon any neighboring space.

If you wish to share a space with another artisan:

  • Only two exhibitors/artists may apply to share a single space.
  • Both artists must apply separately – and be approved – in order to share a space.
  • There is an additional $30 fee for shared spaces. (+15 each exhibitor).
  • In the case of a shared space we will invoice each exhibitor for one half the cost of the space.
  • Space is not confirmed for either exhibitor until the full booth fee has been paid.
  • Should one exhibitor need to cancel their attendance the remaining exhibitor may utilize the full space providing it has been paid for in full.