What’s Different for the 2024 Show?

  • We would normally require a deposit to be made at the time of application. This requirement may be reinstated again next year. However, for the 2024 show, there is no need to pay a deposit with your application. If an exhibitor is allocated a space, they must pay a $100 non-refundable deposit to confirm their spot. The remaining amount will be invoiced and is due prior to the show.
  • Booth sharing will be permitted for the 2024 show however each space is restricted to only 2 vendors, and both must apply separately – and be approved – in order to share a space. There is an additional $30 sharing fee for shared spaces. Shared spaces must be carefully considered to ensure each maker can display their goods comfortably and cause no infringement upon any neighboring space. Please see the booth sharing rules for details.
  • If an exhibitor, despite having applied for an individual space, showcases the creations of other artists who have not gone through the application and acceptance process for the event, they may face removal from the current show and/or a prohibition from participating in subsequent shows.
  • We will no longer pursue applicants to correct or complete their applications. The responsibility to submit a properly filled application rests solely with the applicant. Given the high volume of candidates who submit applications, we do not have the volunteer capacity to follow up individually. All necessary information is provided in the application form, and by submitting, applicants acknowledge that they have read and understood these details. Therefore, any oversight in the application process is the applicant’s responsibility.
  • We have moved! Check the details of our new location on our website. This is the same location as the 2023 show but it’s important so we left it listed under “what is different for the 2024 show’ for anyone who did not attend our new location in 2022 or 2023.
  • If there are Covid related or other health related restrictions in place at the time of the show, we will as always abide by the rules to help ensure the safety of our exhibitors and shoppers.