When will I know if I am accepted?

As this is a curated craft show we do not accept applicants on a ‘first come’ basis. All applications must be considered at a curating meeting once the initial application deadline has passed. Notifications will be sent as quickly as possible once the curating has been conducted.  The first curating meeting will take place on or around March 15th (depending on what day that date falls), or earlier if possible. Once the curating meeting has taken place notifications will be sent as quickly as possible. As a volunteer operated society unexpected delays can happen. We appreciate your patience.

After the initial curating meeting if there are any remaining spaces/categories that are not filled, or if a space becomes available due to a cancellation, we will then view applications on a case by case basis from our wait list applicants during additional curating meetings as needed. Please do not contact us asking if you have been accepted prior to the first curating meeting in March as no decisions will be made before that date.