Our Curating Process: A Streamlined Overview


In response to an unprecedented influx of applications for the 2024 show, the Nova Scotia Art and Craft Show Society has introduced a revamped selection process. This new approach is designed to address the challenge of managing a significantly higher volume of submissions than our capacity allows, with the utmost commitment to fairness and integrity. By ensuring that each application receives a thorough and equitable evaluation, we uphold our dedication to showcasing the broad spectrum of talent within the art and craft community.

Curating Methodology

Diverse and Anonymous Curatorial Team

A panel of international curators from Canada, the USA, and Australia has been assembled to bring diverse perspectives to the assessment process. The anonymity of these curators serves to eliminate potential biases related to personal, professional, or regional affiliations. Applications are reviewed based solely on the information and information and photos presented by the applicant, allowing the artistry and craftsmanship of the work to speak for itself.

Evaluation Criteria

The selection of applications is considered on several key areas:

  • Craftsmanship
  • Originality and Creativity
  • Presentation
  • Marketability
  • Professionalism & Branding
  • Photo Quality

This qualitative assessment framework ensures that the creative and professional merits of each submission are the primary factors in its evaluation.

Ensuring Impartiality

Incorporating non-participating local creatives into our curating team and maintaining the anonymity of all members are critical steps in our strategy to prevent bias. These measures, combined with the diverse geographical representation of our panel, guarantee a fair and balanced selection process.

Commitment to Transparency

Our process is built on a foundation of transparency. By openly sharing our selection methodology, we aim to ensure that the Nova Scotia Art and Craft Show remains a testament to fairness, diversity, and excellence.


The Nova Scotia Art and Craft Show’s selection process reflects our dedication to fairness, diversity, and excellence. Through careful planning and thoughtful execution, we aim to curate an inclusive and vibrant exhibition that celebrates the remarkable talents of our applicants, offering an enriching experience to all involved.