Application Next Steps

Your application for the Craft Show is not yet complete

PLEASE COMPLETE YOUR APPLICATION BY UPLOADING PHOTOS. It is important that you read the instructions below carefully or your application may not be complete and therefore can not be considered.

  1. Follow the link to Dropbox provided below.
  2. Upload a minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 good quality photos, (including 1 or 2 booth /table set up photos) representative of the type of handmade items you wish to display at the show.
  3. Upload photos in JPG or PNG format only. DO NOT upload folders or other files, only photos.
  4. Use the FIRST and LAST NAME that was entered on your application when you upload the images, NOT your business name. If someone else is uploading images for you make sure they enter the name you used on your application form, not their own name, or your images will not be connected to your application and it will be deemed incomplete.
  5. Please contact us if you are having any problems uploading to DropBox. Please do NOT send photos via email or messenger as they will not be connected to your application.

Your confirmation email will provide a copy of the information on this page, including the link to the DropBox folder and these instructions on how to proceed to complete your application. If someone is assisting you to upload your photos, you should forward them that email and ask them to follow the instructions.

Photos can be uploaded to DropBox at the following link:

Note: The better your photos are the more we can promote you in our marketing efforts. Please send the best images you have that represent your items well.


As this is a curated craft show we do not accept applicants on a ‘first come’ basis. All applications must be considered at a curating meeting. Notifications will be sent as quickly as possible once the curating has been conducted.  For details on when you will be notified regarding acceptance, as well as other relevant information please visit the FAQ page here:


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