Additional Product Consideration Request

PLEASE NOTE: This is a curated show. ONLY HANDMADE items will be permitted. Absolutely no MLM, vintage, or direct sales companies or resale items are permitted.

  • A completed form and photos must be received to complete your request.

We curate the show in order to ensure that all our makers have the best possible chance of success. We also spend a lot of time planning the layout, so we do not place makers next to others selling similar items, or incompatible items (such as food next to scented products etc). Therefore, it is VITAL that we know what each maker is selling in their space and that nobody brings something not previously approved. It has happened before, someone came with something we were not expecting and they were situated too close to someone selling a similar item. It is embarrassing for us all and unfair to everyone, so let’s do our best not to let it happen. We understand that sometimes you might forget to list something on your initial application. Where possible we will amend your approved list, but if we have already approved others for the same items, and we can not permit more of the same, you may not be approved for that addition at this particular show. We will do our best to be fair to all our makers – we truly want you all to succeed. But please understand if the situation arises that we are unable to approve additional items.

Fill out the form below, upload a few photos and we will get back to you as soon as possible after our next meeting. We appreciate your patience.

Additional Items Request (#8)

Tell Us About Your Items: 

Provide a detailed description of  the additional handmade items you wish to bring to the show. Please be specific. We cannot consider comments like "and other things" or other vague descriptions.

PHOTOS: Photos are required of any additional items you wish to being. After you submit this form you will be directed to our DropBox account to upload photos.  Your confirmation email will provide a link to the DropBox folder and instruction on how to proceed to complete your request.

NEXT STEP:   You will receive a copy of this form after successful submission. We will only consider requests made prior to October 1st. Depending on when you submit your request it may take a couple of weeks to get back to you so please be patient.